District Board

The Southwest District Board is made up of the Executive Board, President’s Council, District Chairs and District Administrators. In the Executive Board there is the Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Bulletin Editor and Lieutenant Governors (LTGs). The President’s Council is made up of each club president in the district. Currently, the District Chairs are the Kiwanis K-Family, Key Club K-Family, Fundraising, Service, Fall Rally, DCON, DLSSP, Social Awareness, and Laws & Regulations Chair.

Executive Board

Governor: Joshua Burgett

I am a mechanical engineering major at ASU, and I am working in a BME research lab at ASU. I am original from Idaho and love to ski or do anything with the outdoors in my free time. This year I want to help engage the SWD CKI club members with the district and our events! I am excited to serve you all as your district governor and to see all of our fantastic members at our district events!

Secretary: Amber Luu

Hello! My name is Amber Luu, and I am excited to serve another year as the Southwest District Secretary! I am in my 4th year out of 5 years in college (so junior year part two, as I like to call it), and I am double majoring in Computer Science and Classics (Latin). Any spare time that I have besides school and CKI (which isn’t a lot) is spent mostly playing Pokemon Go or doing origami. A goal that I’m hoping to achieve this year is to increase communication throughout all of CKI, specifically how we spread information from District Board to Club Board members down to regular CKI members.

Treasurer: Cielo Barrios

I am a Senior, majoring in Business Management with a minor in accounting. In my spare time, I love looking at the Sky, play tennis, play badminton, go to on campus events and go to Basketball Games #GoLopes! As District Treasurer I would like to help the SWD keep track of the finances and provide support for our clubs’ treasures. I enjoy cheesecake and milkshakes!

Bulletin Editor: Lauren Vargas

Hi! I am a junior majoring in Visual Communication with an emphasis in Graphic Design and minoring in Spanish and Communication Studies. I love all things creative, whether its creating art, admiring it, and whenever I can I’m listening to music. This year I plan to keep the Southwest District updated, connected and in the know for everything that happens.

LTG Recruitment: Alissa McIntyre

Secondary Education- English, I like painting, swimming, I want to focus on key club recruitment.

LTG Retention: Frida Moreno

Hello everyone! My name is Frida Moreno, you 2020-2021 Retention Lieutenant Governor! I am a student a Grand Canyon University where I’ve studied from biology to finances, but finally decided on psychology and public administration. Serving my community is something that keeps me motivated, so I am grateful to be one of your Lt.G.s as well as being an Assistant Director for our Canyon Activities Board at GCU.

I am hopeful to be able to attend a meeting for each club’s at least once a semester (most likely through a video call) because I really want to see who I am serving along with in CKI.

I love going to concerts, but at the moment that isn’t possible, so if you have any good song recommendations please share 🤩

President's Council

ASU President: Jordan Marshall

Hello! I am Jordan Marshall attending Arizona State University. I am double majoring in Neuroscience & Psychology with a minor in Global Health. When I am not studying, I usually spend my time reading political commentary or exercise in any way I can. For this CKI term, I want to increase membership, retention, and service for not only my home club but for the district. For my home club specifically, I want to look both within and beyond our community and listen to those community members and play an active role in resolving current world events.

ENMU-R President: Estefani Tireles

Hi my name is Steff, ENMU-R CKI president. I am majoring in OTA and like to hang out with my friends! I have two poodles names Luna and princess and they’re my babies. I would like to help CKI this year by communicating more amongst the board and keep a close relationship.

GCU President: Kai Osife

NAU President: Kenna Conley

I am majoring in microbiology with a minor in math! In my spare time I like to watch Netflix; my favorites include The Office, Breaking Bad, and New Girl. I am excited to serve on the presidents council this year!!!

UofA President: Niki Woods

Hi, I am Niki Woods! I am majoring in Business Management with a minor in Spanish. I love to hang out with my friends, go to the lake, and shop. I want to help CKI this year by being a resource for the members, having fun, and serving our communities!

UNM President: Kathryn Masten

Hi, my name is Kathryn Masten! I am a junior at the University of New Mexico. I am double majoring in Psychology and Spanish, earning my designation in interdisciplinary studies, and earning my distinction in international studies.
After I graduate, I hope to work with Doctors Without Borders as a mental health specialist. I really want to work in Peru and help women and children who have been through traumatic events or in situations of abuse/sex trafficking.
In my free time, I like to go hiking, skydiving, kayaking, bungee jumping, scuba diving, and of course volunteering! But my favorite free time activity of all is eating pizza at home in my pajamas with my little brother. 🙂

WNMU President: Ariana Medina

I’m double majoring in nursing and rehabilitation services. I like to spend time with friends and family, spend time outdoors, working out, and watching Netflix or Disney plus. My goal for this year in CKI is to have fun and enjoy what we are here to do. Don’t study because you have to, study because knowledge is what they can’t take away from you.

Chair Officers

Kiwanis K-Family Chair: Bre Anne Springer

I am graduating with my Associates in Human Services and then moving into my Masters in Social Work. Along with going to school, I work full time and own two mini business! My goal for this year is to keep the bond between Kiwanis and CKI going strong. We have a great relationship with them and I plan to keep that going.

Key Club K-Family Chair: Alaya Alshemari

Hey Southwest! This year I am majoring in community health at the ASU Downtown campus, on the nursing pathway (Forks Up)! I spend a great deal of my time Phoenix Children’s Hospital working as Patient Care Tech, which I love! In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and 5 younger siblings.

This year I have the great opportunity to serve as the Key Club K-family chair! I’m extremely excited about this position because I love all aspects of The Kiwanis family. Hopefully, my experience as a Lieutenant Governor for the Key Club Southwest District will help in establishing an even better relationship CKI. My goal for this year is to assist clubs in building a relationship with their local Key Clubs Along with planning more frequent district events online!

Fundraising Chair: Derek Wirachowsky

I am an incoming freshman majoring in Mechanical Engineering at ASU, Tempe this coming year. I am looking forward to serving the Southwest District along with the rest of the District Board and can’t wait to see what kinds of crazy projects we will all be accomplishing together. I love exploring the world and seeing what it has to offer so I’m excited to be entering into university life. A little bit about myself, I am a former cross country runner so it isn’t surprising to catch me out in town on a run or hiking through the trails. I love exploring new places and finding new things to do and accomplish. Finally, and most obviously, I love to serve the community, I am always searching for ways I can be an active participant in the community around me.

DCON Chair: Rachel Griffith

I’m Rachel Griffith! I am majoring in psychology at ASU’s Tempe Campus. Most of my time is taken up by school, work, CKI and my family. But when I’m not doing those things I love to go outside and take pictures of anything I can find. This year I am your DCON chair and working my hardest to make DCON the best for everyone this year. Any suggestions you may have, feel free to reach out to me because I want everyone to have a wonderful experience.

Fall Rally Chair: Livia Calugaru

I will be majoring in Physiology and Health Sciences at the University of Arizona’s Honors College. In my spare time I love to paint, read, play with my dog, hike and of course volunteer 🙂 my goal for this year is to plan a fun Fall Rally event for all members of CKI to enjoy and understand the importance of service and leadership!

Laws and Regulations Chair: Promise Lattimore

Service Chair: Nicole Inocentes

I am a freshmen, honors student at Arizona State University Barrett majoring in Psychology. In my spare time I love to explore new places or have a stay at home game night with friends or family. As Service Committee Chair I hope to enact many service projects for the SWD CKI 2020-2021 year while providing resources to make clubs service projects successful. A fun fact about me is I’m obssessed with boba!

DLSSP Chair: Steph Floe

Double major Sociology and Parks and Recreation, I enjoy spending time outdoors and hanging out with friends, I am excited to plan the first ever 24 hour district wide service event and make it a lot of fun for members!!

Social Awareness Chair: Aisha Raji

District Administrators

District Administrator: James Phelps

I was born and raised in Santa Fe and graduated from St Michael’s High School. I went to UNM and the Santa Fe Community College. I love traveling and have been to 5 countries outside of the United States, including Mexico, Canada, Spain, Italy and France. I just started working at the New Mexico State Library and love it. As far as my Kiwanis experience I have been a Kiwanian for over 11 years and have been a Treasurer, Board Member, Vice President, President Elect, and President. I am currently on my 3rd term as Lt. Governor and am Class President. I have the honor of being CKI Assistant Administrator and now for the 1st time am CKI Administrator. I also love animals.

Assistant Administrator: Bob Carson

I live in Silver City and have been married to my wife Alma, for 49 years.  We have two sons Kevin and Brian. Alma and I both graduated from Taos high school.  Alma graduated from Santa Fe Business College and I graduated from St, John’s College, Santa Fe, and MBA from Western NM University.We moved to Silver City in 1982.  My careers include radio DJ, retail store manager, car salesman, bank Vice President, CFO of a non-profit organization and university professor.  Alma and I created our insurance agency 10 years ago, where we both work. In Kiwanis, it’s been my honor to serve as club secretary and president, Lt. Governor and District Governor, and the best assignment, CKI District Administer. My favorite service project is The Kiwanis Easter Egg Hunt in Silver City.  All our service partners including AKTION club, CKI, key club, builders club, and K-Kids participate. We hide over 6,000 eggs and around 500 children look for them.