WASH Fundraising Goal

WASH is this years Governor’s Project. We are raising money during DCON towards our $4,000 goal. If we can raise $1,000 on the evening of 2/27 Josh will bleach his hair!

Check out how close we are getting to our goal and the incentives we can look forward to!

Fill out the Google Form linked here

Here are the challenges you can have a board member do:

– Pie in the Face

– Drink pickle juice

– Drink hot sauce

– Drink lemon juice

– Perform a Tik Tok dance

– Eat a pudding cup w/o hands

– Show embarrassing photo

– Do the splits

– Draw a self portrait

– Eat something w/o hands

Participating Board Members:

District Governor-Joshua Burgett

– not doing pickle juice or hot sauce

District Secretary-Amber Luu

– not doing pickle juice, hot sauce, lemon juice, Tik Tok dance, or splits

DCON Chair-Rachel Griffith

– not doing hot sauce or splits

Service Chair-Nicole Inocentes

– not doing pickle juice, Tik tok dance, eat w/o hands